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Thread: RS232 Port Shared

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    RS232 Port Shared

    I have a delima, have a system that uses the rs232 port on the main rep. for integration with an Elk security system. It is also desired to add a URC/RTI remote and I might need to use the RS232 with the URC remotes. Anybody ever run into this issue? I doubt I can "T tap" or "splice into" with a connector to have both connections. Just brain storming.

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    Watch the RS232, I know that on Honeywell Vista panels, you need a null modem cable. Not sure on the Elk. Why not run IP control from URC/RTI?
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    Back in the day, when we used to walk 12 miles... up hill... both ways... in the snow... to work, terminals used serial connections. There was a device (duplexer? duplexor?) that allowed 2 terminals to use the same connection. The baud rate was cut in half but that wasn't an issue with those awesome green-text based terminals.
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