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Thread: Need help with a bathroom switch

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    Need help with a bathroom switch

    So my bathroom has a separate switch for a light and fan. I bought a different brand for my fan switch and it works fine. I have a dimmable led light in the bathroom so I bought a pd-6wcl-wh-r model to use with Alexa.

    But the problem is it doesn't seem to have enough power to work. I used a neutral wire for the fan switch. Am I going to have to get a switch with a neutral wire for the light switch too? I need it to be able to connect to the bridge. That's why I bought the pd-6wcl-wh-r. I have one in kitchen too working fine. So I don't know why it won't work in the bathroom.

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    It's the fan switch. Change it to Lutron and everything will be fine!

    First, check the bulb in the fan.
    -Sometimes they sneak in a fluorescent which does not dim at all.
    -Sometimes they sneak in a cheap LED that does not dim at all.
    -Sometimes they sneak in an incandescent. The PD-6CL needs a min of 25w of incandescent.
    -The 6CL is designed for use with screw-in LEDs. Check the compatibility list (
    -You may have to change to a neutral dimmer but that won't necessarily guarantee compatibility.
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    It ended up being my light bulb. I had a low voltage smart led one in there. Switched to one of my Philips hue. And with that I know the switch works. But found out that a smart switch and smart bulb don't mix. So now I either have to have no color lights in my bathroom. (used blue at night). Or buy a cheap switch that I can always leave on so I can use my colored bulbs which I already had before. The fan switch works perfect. But got the lutron switch to match the switch plate I had bought.

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