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Thread: Extending range of a Pico remote

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    Extending range of a Pico remote

    i have a brand new Caseta starter kit and I'm having trouble with the Pico remote - I believe the issue is the range (the pico is too far from the switch?) but I want to be certain.

    Here's my setup:

    Pico I(in house) --- Bridge (in house) ---- Switch (outdoors)

    The switch itself works fine
    My iphone can control the switch just fine. So i know the switch and bridge are communicating.

    The Pico is set up to control the switch but doesn't seem to work, i'm thinking the issue is the distance (and walls/concrete) between the pico and switch. I assume the bridge does not act as a wireless repeater. Is there any device that will receive/repeat the Pico signal if i install it midway between the two? If not, do I need to look at another system where each switch acts as a repeater?

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    You can add 1 plug-in dimmer/switch to act as a repeater. Additional plug-in dimmers will not act as a repeater.
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    Thatís correct Randyc , the lamp dimer PD-3PCL-WH. can works as a repeater extending the coverage range up to 9 meters radius more , it acts as repeater automatically , dont need to program as a repeater it doit alone, and of course you can setup as a lamp dimer or switch (converting) also to control other light zone or triguer, only one PD3 can be setup in the system as a repeater , so choose the correct place , the coverage is 18 meters of diameter in the smartbridge and 18 for the PD3 for a total distance of 36 meters.

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