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Thread: Lutron OMX 4606 conections

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    Lutron OMX 4606 conections

    Hi folks

    i got one Lutron IR controler OMX 4606 from ebay.

    I would like to use it to control, at moment 3 lights and in the future 6 diferent kinds of leds.

    But i dont see how to conect it to my house lights.
    Need some help from expert in Lutron dimmers

    this should replace an existent light switch that i have, i guess, or no?

    to help i add a file to explain.
    i realy dont understand anything
    also what means SSA / SSA RTN in conections?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Can anyone please help?

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    Oscar M.
    Unfortunately this control is not intended for residential application. This control is a commercial product and intended for commercial use. As you can see from the link you have posted this control only works with the Grafik 5000/ 6000/ 7000 systems which are for commercial use. This control will not hard wire to any of your lights. This is a low voltage control that communicates to a control that is in a dimming panel. Without this dimming panel you cannot use this. And all of your lights get wired back to this lighting panel. And to get one of these panels you would need to have a local Lutron Rep come out and spec your house and then have us commission your house. And i do not believe this is what you need or want. What you really need to have or go with is either a Grafik Eye 3500 unit or a QS Grafik Eye unit. These are controls that can be used in a residential application. Here are links for these products for more information.

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