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Thread: Garage Doors with Visor Control

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    Garage Doors with Visor Control

    I am struggling here a little bit. I currently have an ELK M1 Setup to monitor and close my garage doors. I set this up probably 5 - 7 years ago but now looking to get as much as I can working with RA2 because I am getting Thermostats and most of the house finished off with RA2 lighting. This should in theory also allow HomeKit and Siri with garage doors (I already tried MyQ but after a few weeks they said it is not compatible with my garage doors).

    Enough back story.

    I have GE rail mounted garage door sensors (which I believe are normally closed, not sure how to verify), those are setup into Input 1 (slots 1 and 4), and the garage door opener, liftmaster forumula 1 into output 1 (slots 1 and 2). I have added a ‘fake’ light switch that should work to open and close the door but nothing is working right.

    If I close the garage door it immediately opens again as soon as the sensor is engaged. I have Output 1 set to pulse 1 second if input 1 is closed (per Lutron support). And I have Ouput 1 set to pulse for 1 second if input 1 is opened. I have also added that on open fake switch goes to on and when closed fake switch goes to off.

    If I physically press Output 1 the garage door shuts/opens and if it physically push Input 1 the garage door shuts/opens. If I push the fake light switch in the Lutron app, it does not do anything.

    Any ideas here? I saw the thread with an Elk 912 relay maybe being needed but there has to be a way to make this work??


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    Just an update to anyone who finds this. You have to use a keypad to link the output of the Visor control. The issue is that keypads are not compatible with Homekit, therefore, you can not get Siri control. I also do not have the sensor figured out. This may be more trouble than it is worth at this point.

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