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Thread: Exhaust Fan on 4U RPM Module

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    Exhaust Fan on 4U RPM Module

    QS Designer program allows switched fan loads to be assigned to 4U modules. Ideally, they should be on switch modules, but if an exhaust fan is assigned to a forward-phase module, does the module treat that load differently than a light load (other than changing the ramp times to the minimum setting)? Does it have the ability to bypass the dimming engine? And, another question would be: "would the fan be harmed in any way if assigned to a dimmer" (as it is a motor).

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hello Toslink,
    Thank you for your post.
    This appears to be an oversight in the software. The RPM-4U is not rated to control a fan load type. I have let our development team know of the software issue.

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    Do we have the same issue putting an exhaust fan on a 4A module set to non-dim?

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