I have a luton caseta pro hub that I'm having trouble setting up. Every time I attempt to set up the hub through the mobile app I get a "Cannot connect to lutron hub" error.
I have a full unifi system (USG3 -> unifi 24 switch -> uap-ac-pro, USG3 -> unifi 24 switch -> caseta hub) and I cant seem to get it working.
What I've tried so far:

  • I've validated that the caseta hub is on the network
  • I've set a static ip in unifi for the caseta hub
  • I've tried manually entering the ip address of the caseta hub in the caseta app. Evidently, the app can find the device just fine, it just can't connect and configure.
  • I've tried moving the caseta hub to a different port on the switch
  • I've tried changing ethernet cables
  • I've tried exchanging the hub for a different one.

Anyone have any ideas on what else to do? Thanks in advance!