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Thread: Integrating Somfy RTS shades with Grafik Eye

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    Integrating Somfy RTS shades with Grafik Eye

    I am new to Lutron integration. I am wanting to control Somfy RTS shades with the Grafik eye system but I am having issues. I am using the Somfy dry contact interface and the QSE-IO. Everything is good to go on the shade and Somfy interface side, but the shades are behaving erratically when I try to operate them via the Grafik Eye. Upon doing some research, I have found that the Somfy dry contact interface requires a .5 sec momentary contact closure but the QSE-IO outputs is a default fixed duration of .25 sec. Can I adjust the duration on the QSE-IO side of things? Or is there another possible work around? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hello Jeff,
    Thank you for your post.
    The QSE-IO in the current setup is fixed at the 250ms pulse. Only a processor based system such as Homeworks QS can the pulse time be changed.

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