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Thread: Remote Programming of RA2 Systems

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    Remote Programming of RA2 Systems


    Could someone point me toward some good info or provide an explanation of the requirements to remotely program a RA2 system with the RA2 software?

    Using VPNs, I've had mixed results. It's my understanding that broadcast traffic is necessary to first establish the connection. On a current project, I've established that broadcast traffic passes as other systems that require broadcast are able to traverse the VPN. However, the software can't find the main repeater to start the process.


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    Anyone? Bueller?

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    To initially set up the system you will need to be on site. After you have set up the main repeater settings you can then use a VPN connection to connect to the processor.

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    I have found issues remotely uploading when the Main Repeater is set to DHCP. Setting it to static clears up a lot of issues.

    I actually will connect remotely, change it to static, make programming changes, upload, and then change it back to DHCP (with reservation in place on router).

    The static address I give the repeater is always the same as the one handed out via it's reservation.

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    I haven't been able since 2.7.1 (?). Previous revisions I was able with a pptp VPN but no more. Several have complained but the most recent fw/sw didn't address it.
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    You could also just port forward like in Illumination. It works well but it is not supported by Lutron.

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    The remote system in question is set to a static on its LAN.

    It was my impression that broadcast traffic was required for the software to make a connection to the main repeater. I would appreciate better info from Lutron so that I could be better informed.

    If broadcast traffic is not required, what ports to forward in order to use the Lutron configuration software?


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    When initially discovering the main repeater you will need to be at the residence as using a VPN connection will not allow you to discover the main repeater.

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    Thanks Craig. The system has already been set up and is set for a static IP on its LAN. From a remote connection, the Lutron software cannot find the main repeater. Is there anything special that needs to be done to force the software to look at a specific IP?

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    Unless something in sw/fw has changed recently it still doesn't work. Even if set static and the IP is known the software will acknowledge the master but will fail at file transfer. There's been numerous posts and threads about this and everything prior to 7.x.x works fine regardless of the multicast pass through being enabled in the router's firewall.
    Danbury, CT

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