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Thread: Controlling Shutters on Motor Module From Home+ App

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    Question Controlling Shutters on Motor Module From Home+ App

    I've got a Homeworks QS system currently running v11.5

    There are shutters on every window running from LQSE-4M-D, which mostly are controlled from a variety of time clocks across the week.

    My client wants to vary the programming across the year, and at seemingly at his whim. So i have given him access to the Lutron Home+ app.

    But the app doesn't give end user access to any loads on Motor Modules. You cant see the loads in the room view, and while you can see the Loads in the Time Clocks i have already setup you can adjust anything but the time, you cant select/deselect the Shutters like you can any other load, its just greyed out.

    Will updating to Processor software help me out? Should I be looking at getting a Connect Bridge and using the newer app?

    Or more likely am I doing something simple wrong?!?

    Thanks a lot!

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    that is odd. I can report that on a much older project I used rpm-4-m to control a motorized insect screen and I was able to find and control it in the LHC+ app. I think the prob you are seeing might be only because LQSE-4M is a new product and LHC+ is legacy app. Try adding the connect and I think you'll see the shutters show up there.

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    You are right, once you said that I went back to make sure I hadn't made a mistake.

    All the shutters are there in the room menu, i can control them manually. They appear under shades, perhaps that is why I missed them.

    But I when I go to edit a button or edit a schedule it won't let me add or remove
    any of the shutters, they show as greyed out. It does show whether that shutter is active on that button/schedule, but you just can't adjust it!

    Thanks for the response!

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    Looking at it again now, it seems like none of my shades or motors are appearing in the Button/Schedule edit pages. I also have shades and drapery track.

    If I have added them in the QS software they appear but greyed out, if I haven't then then they don't appear at all!

    Also since originally posting I have updated to v13.2 and added a Connect Bridge and tried out the new app, neither of which helped. Makes it seem like a feature, or deliberate immission, rather than than bug.

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    Got it. At least it makes sense. You can edit programming for lights, you can edit programming for QS Shades, but you cannot edit programming for AC shades.. I guess that all makes sense, esp if you are trying to sell QS shades. Curious if QED shades on a legacy link can be edited in the app? That could be a selling feature for some clients.

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