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Thread: 2 Three way switches and 1 4-way switch question

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    2 Three way switches and 1 4-way switch question

    I have the following setup.

    1) One 3-way switch that I've installed a MS-OPS5M 3-way occupancy sensing switch. After installing this I tested and it worked fine as long as the other 2 switch were always in the on position. So far so good.

    2) Next i wanted to change the second 3-way switch to use the same MS-OPS5M w-way occupancy sensing switch. This installed fine, but now only 1 switch is controlling the on off state of the light.

    3) I also have a manual 4-way switch, that i would like to keep installed as is, but I'm guessing i need to modify its wiring to that the other 2 switches will work properly.

    So my questions are:
    - How to I modify the MS-OPS5M 3-way occupancy sensing switches so they function properly. The included documentation only includes how to moving an existing 3-way switch to work correctly not how to modify the wiring of an existing MS-OPS5M switch to work correctly.

    - And second, how do I modify the existing 4-way switch wiring so it can stay installed, but work correctly with the other 2 occupancy sensing switches.


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    Hello Long DaGe,

    Thank you for your post!

    Unfortunately, you cannot have two MS-OPS5Ms in a 3-way/4-way, as there is no way to re-wire the occupancy sensors to work together as both being automatic on and off.

    Additionally, the MS-OPS5M will not functionally properly in a 4-way with mechanical switches as there is no way to re-wire the 4-way to create a constant and completed circuit. You would need to use the MA-AS companion switch in 2 locations in order to gain full functionality of one MS-OPS5M.

    Please see the below install guide of the MA-AS:

    And the MS-OPS5M spec sheet:

    Hope this helps!

    Julia K.

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