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Thread: Lutron Home+ app - hiding items

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    Lutron Home+ app - hiding items


    I would like to hide one or two security lights from the Lutron app. They are just switched via LQSE-4S10-D power relay modules. In the past you could set the load type to say "relay" and then that zone wouldn't display/show under the lights section of the app so you couldn't switch it on/off via the app. Is this still possible?

    Thank you!

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    In the HWQS software, you can go to "Tools->Configure Integration" and on the drop down menu select "Zones". Go to the security zones you want to hide from the app and uncheck the integration ID then perform a transfer. Elements without an integration ID will not appear in the app.

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    That's perfect, but just wanted to check I'll still be able to control the lights via Crestron as the module requires an Integration ID

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    Unfortunately not, you cannot hide the loads from the app by taking away the integration ID without hiding them from Crestron as well. The relay load type will also appear in the Lutron Home Control+.

    What you could do is to take away the integration ID, but have the loads be controlled via a button press in the system. Crestron could still control these loads by sending button presses to the button that controls the loads in a scene and monitor the LED feedback.

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    Yes, exactly what I ended up doing. I added them to a single Phantom keypad and control them through the keypad buttons.

    Thank you very much!

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