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Thread: MS-OPS2-WH Turning On Randomly

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    MS-OPS2-WH Turning On Randomly

    In December 2016 I installed a MS-OPS2-WH in the laundry room. I received much praise from the wife because the lights came on automatically and I was a hero. About two months ago, the lights have started coming on by themselves when there is no one in the room at all. I've looked to see if there might be something moving, something blowing from the vents, reflections from something else, but I can't find any source that might be causing this. It has gotten to the point that the lights are on more often than not in that room. So now the wife acceptance factor has deteriorated dramatically. I have the same switch in a couple of closets as well and they aren't experiencing this problem.

    Any clues what may be going on and how I can resolve it?

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    The sensor is sensitive to sunlight and heat (ventilation) variations. It sounds like you have checked those.

    This document has some troubleshooting procedures.

    You can try masking the sensor (putting masking tape over portions) to prevent it from seeing motion that it shouldn't. You can also try turning the sensor sensitivity down.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    Thanks for your reply. I changed it to low sensitivity and that seems to have fixed it. I don't know if I had it that way originally and it got reset somehow or if it just suddenly decided it there was something it didn't like, but it seems to be better now. Thanks!

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    I installed 5 of these switches in my last home and liked them so much that I installed 6 in my new home about 6 months ago. They all worked great. But in the last 2 weeks or so, one of them starting malfunctioning, where it comes on with no movement and then stays on. Even if I turn it off manually, within a minute or so it comes back on and doesn't go off until I manually turn it off again. I used the default settings with the exception that I set the time-out delay to 15 minutes. I've reset to default, disconnected it and reconnected, changed sensitivity, all to no avail. For $23 I can just go get another one at Lowes, but if its just a setting or easy fix, I'd rather not go to the effort of pulling it, reinstalling new one, etc. Does anyone have any other ideas before I give up?

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    Hello bbottger,
    Thank you for your post! It does sound like the sensor switch is malfunctioning in this application. The best bet here would be to give us a call here at Lutron Tech support @ 1888-588-7661 or email in to for us to do troubleshooting to verify that it is in fact defective so we can possibly submit an RMA for a replacement.


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    MS-OPS2 with fan light randomly turns on

    Hi. First time on the forum. I love the motions / vacancy sensor lights and have several in the home like in closets and bathrooms. However, I tried an MS-OPS2 for the first time with a fan light. The fan is a standard HD Harbor Breeze (tried to look for a model number and could not locate one but can try again if needed). Essentially, the fan light comes on randomly at all times of the day. Original wiring is the fan is controlled by a standard toggle switch. That is still unchanged. Originally, the light use to be with a standard toggle switch. I replaced this with a MS-OPS2. So the fan and the light are on different switches. As part of my troubleshooting process, I swapped out the one MS-OPS2 with another one that was in the house, where I knew that switch was working as designed and the same result occurred: light comes on randomly with no occupancy. The wiring done is as follows: the ground wire is connected as recommended and two black wires connected as recommended into the MS-OPS2. This is a single pole application and always has been a single pole connection. Is this switch appropriate with a fan light and if so, how can I stop the random coming on? Since this is my first time, if I am in the wrong thread, please correct the same as I searched and did not find a specific thread for this issue.Ron

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