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Thread: Control & Signal Cables

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    Control & Signal Cables

    The manufacturer of my LED driver also makes an interface module that works in conjunction with the Lutron DVTV, 0-10V, low voltage, dimmer switch. They are specifying a "signal wire" to run from the switch to the interface. Hate to be so thick, but can someone name 2 or 3 suppliers of this type of wire, along with the corresponding part numbers? Thanks.

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    I'm not aware of a specific part number. You will need a 2-conductor cable from the dimmer to the LED driver(s). You can daisy chain the fixtures. The size of the cable will be determined by total length but will typically be 18-22 gage. Since the cable is going in the box with the line voltage (dimmer) it will need to be rated for 600v.
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