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Thread: Turning off the status LED

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    Turning off the status LED

    In the Radio RA2 Maestro product specifications, I found the following mention

    Dimmer / Switch:
    0.2 W
    Test conditions: load is off and nightlight mode is enabled.

    What is the nightlight mode?

    Does it refer to the status leds?

    Assuming that the nightlight mode involves the status led(s), can the status led(s) be turned off?

    It would greatly help those who want to have a bedroom with the minimum of lit LEDs visible at night.


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    The nightlight mode is referring to the status LED's having a slight glow when the dimmer is off. The status LED's on the dimmer are not able to be turned off.

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    Thanks, why then did the document have the phrase "nightlight mode is enabled"? That phrase led me to think about when and how can the nightlight mode be disabled.

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