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Thread: Error 869 while attempting to extract file from Main Repeater

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    Thanks again for the great advice and I will let you know how it all works out. I'm certain the issue is your #1 Possibility

    1. The previous homeowner's Lutron rep configured the IP as static, and your network is now configured with a different network range.

    I hear you loud and clear when you say "It's likely one reason why Lutron doesn't want homeowners doing this form of support, and relies on technically knowledgeable reps."

    When I explained my situation to the Networking Team they all looked at me like I had two heads and said with all the much more user friendly options out there for controlling lights why are you using Lutron. I explained, I'm playing the cards that were dealt to me.

    All I'm trying to do is update the firmware on the main repeater, that's it. Shouldn't I as the home owner at least be able to do that without having to call in a Lutron Tech, I'm not asking for the keys to the kingdom. I know how to upgrade the Firmware on every other device in my house so why not the Lutron main repeater.

    I'm not trying to sound ungrateful for all of your great advice, because I do truly appreciate all of it, I would just like to be ale to do a little for myself.
    Thanks again for all of your great advice and I will let you how it all turns out.

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    I don't work for, nor speak for Lutron, so just want to state that up front.

    The RA2 system is a robust system, and its configuration is much more complex than simpler, lower-end solutions.

    I'm not sure its a huge issue that most homeowner's generally can't update the firmware. The reason being is that a) very few will even be aware of it, let alone do it, b) it's a problem when the update fails or has issues - homeowners won't know how to recover, and c) it would need to have been configured not the Inclusive version, but with the Essentials version, and that seems unlikely if a pro-installer configure the system.

    The RA2 system was developed and designed to be more comprehensive and more feature rich when configured with the Essentials / Inclusive software (vs. standalone). As such, and being higher-end, it does require a certain know-how. The solution fits Lutron's sales / marketing goals, in that it isn't a direct-to-consumers product line. It's a dealer represented line.

    It's a very good solution, and in the end, you're likely to be very happy with it. It just might be worth your while to contact / hire a pro just, at least for the first visit.

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    Mister C,

    I understand and hear you loud and clear. I agree the RA2 system is a much more robust system. After talking with a Lutron Tech Rep and here is what he suggested I do the following to connect to the main repeater that has a static IP from the previous home owner

    1. The Rep suggested I give the computer or laptop I was using to connect to the main repeater a static IP from my network
    2. The using a crossover cable connect the main repeater to my laptop and opened the RA2 software created a new project
    3. Once I got to the point of the project where I could select the button to “Find the main repeater” I did and Bam! There is was
    4. From there I was able to give a static IP from my network
    5. Next I logged into the main repeater using a web browser and the static IP (Admin-lutron & PW-lutron)
    6. From there I was able to see the phone number, person and company that installed our system
    7. Then I went back into the RA2 software and exported a copy of the program and after doing so the RA2 software asked if I wanted to upgrade the project to work in RA2 and I said yes
    8. Then the RA2 software noticed the firmware on the main repeater need to be updated as well and asked to update it, I said yes (11.5.1 to 11.6)
    9. After the update I was able to transfer the project back onto the main repeater
    10. I realize that I was very very fortunate not to run into any other issues

    After updating the project and the firmware on main repeater, I made a few minor changes to a couple keypad buttons. I’m all set for now and if I need to make any major changes I will now contact the company the set the system up

    I would like to thank you for all of your time, effort, and guidance through this situation.
    I can’t thank you enough for all of the help

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    Nice work!!!

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