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Thread: Conditional button dependent on shade position

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    Conditional button dependent on shade position


    I know you can do this kind of stuff with dimmers, but I can't seem to figure out how to do this with shades:

    If shade position x<25%
    move shade to 25%
    do nothing

    How do you do this with shades?

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    What you can do with shade groups is the following:

    If shade group [is or is not] a level,
    send to a level

    Could you provide a detailed description of the entire application to see if we can recommend a programming workaround for it?

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    The idea is to raise the shade in the morning in 2-3 steps through timeclock events. However if the shade was already moved by separate button presses to a level that is more open than the time clock event preset level, then the shade should NOT go backwards to the preset level.
    Similar for closing the shade at night.

    so it is important in the conditional logic to specify a range of shade levels, not a few preset levels.

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    Thank you for this feedback.
    At this point, you could try having each timeclock event reference the last state it expected the shade to be in (if shade is not in preset A... etc). If it is in the state, move it. If it is not, leave it alone.

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