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Thread: Shifting Caseta to new (guest) network

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    Shifting Caseta to new (guest) network

    I have frequently read that it is more secure to have IoT devices connected to a Guest account on your router in order to keep them segregated from all other devices on that router.

    About 4 months ago, when we purchased the Caseta and a half dozen remote switches I had only an Actiontec router

    This week, I added a Synology RT2600 wireless router to the Actiontec, and I set up a Guest account on that Synology router.

    I unplugged the Caseta from an ethernet port on the Actiontec and plugged it in to an ethernet port on the Synology and the lights continued to work just fine.

    What I can't dope out is how to associate the Caseta with/move it onto the Guest account.

    I would be most grateful for any advice anyone might be able to offer on how to do this.

    Many thanks,
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    If I understand your question...
    Go to settings (gear icon at top of home screen) you will need to be on the quest network.
    Go to advanced, integration, network settings
    Enter the new network credentials.

    Since you are on a different network, you will need to redo the account info. You can still use the same info.
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    Thank you, Randy. Here's what happened when I tried your suggestion:

    iPhone > Lutron app > Gearwheel > Advanced > Integration > Connections. This produced the following alert: The following list may be incomplete due to a connection problem. Please try later.

    When I hit OK, the next window shows two messages:

    1. Integrations connected to your Lutron system can control your Lutron devices. Tap on a row below to view more details about current connections and to remove connections. (Nothing is shown "below"; just another message...)

    2. Your Lutron System doesn't have any integration connections set up.

    FYI - We have a fairly simple setup with the Caseta. It controls 5 light switches which turn on both inside and outside lights at dusk and dawn.
    Never underestimate your ability to overestimate your ability.

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