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Thread: Main Repeater Replacement - No Project File Available

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    Main Repeater Replacement - No Project File Available

    Hi there. I'm new to the forum and really appreciate the opportunity to get some guidance from this community of experts...

    I recently purchased a house with an extensive Radio RA 2 system. Everything works great except that the main repeater is not accessible over the network. It's still facilitating wireless communication between the various lutron devices... just no IP. In all likelyhood, the repeater got hit by a recent lightning induced power surge that impacted a bunch of stuff on the home IP network.

    Currently, the Mac address shows up as being attached to the network in my router admin app, but it won't pull from DHCP. I logged in via telnet over serial, but could not get it to reveal any IP information. I even completed the online Lutron training, obtained the configuration software & tried to extract the config from the unit. The software returned an error message, saying it could not extract the file. Original installer is nowhere to be found, so no backup is available.

    The system has the 1 main repeater, 2 aux repeaters, 2 thermostats, 1 Graffik eye, some hybrid pads, 2 seetouch wireless pads, several seetouch wall-mount pads and some hybrid pads.

    I have no issue buying a new unit, but am wondering what the process of starting from scratch with a new repeater running on an existing system looks like? Is it a huge reprogramming job?

    Really appreciate the input!

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    You can try pointing a browser to the last known IP address. User/password lutron/lutron.

    If you can get HC+ or Connect to the repeater you can get work backwards to the original program.

    If you replace the main repeater you will have to set everything to factory defaults and start over. Based on your description, it shouldn't be too bad.
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