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Thread: Lutron & Unifi AP

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    Lutron & Unifi AP

    Hi, due to coverage, I don't use the wifi network supplied by the router of my Internet provider, instead, I use a pair of Unifi AP LR units. Any one here is using something similar with Lutron products?

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    I have a full Unif network: USG, 24 port L2 PoE switch, a couple US8 switches, two UAP AP AC Pros, and a UAP AC IW Pro. I also have a Caseta system with around 40 devices, mostly dimmer switches and Picos.

    Outside of VLAN considerations there isn’t much affect from one to the other. The Caseta hub is wired, although at one point I had it powered via PoE using a WiFi Texas PoE splitter which worked great. I had to move it though and didn’t have PoE available at the other location. As long as the WiFi devices you want to access the Caseta hub can find it (I.e. on the same “network” in UniFi, or both on corporate networks with the MDNS service enabled) it all just works fine.

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