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Thread: Builder wants to add RA2 to 200+ homes next to each other. Is this possible?

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    My answer is likely very late...!

    Quote Originally Posted by RA2-Designer-Gal View Post
    Builder wants to add RA2 to 200+ homes next to each other in a new smarthome subdivision.

    First - I guess I shoud ask if this possible?

    What considerations do I need to be aware of when running multiple systems near each other?

    Just trying to plan in advance and make sure this is possible. Hate to have inteference between multiple neighbors.

    Thank you so very much in advance for your help!
    Really its not an issue to deploy that many systems in a development; we
    have done a 187 unit condo tower with no repercussions. As stated by another responder, plan to only activate one system at a time or conflicts will arise. Each suite originally had 7-8 devices planned and the developers upsold their buyers and we ended up "sweetening the pot" on over a hundred units!

    NB - As I recall RadioRA2 Main Repeaters contain 64,000 unique "languages" to select from and they electronically "sniff" their neighborhood to create the system separation

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    Totally agree, I think that's the most important aspect, that each house be deployed/activated one at a time and ensure the nearby houses devices are turned off during that process (I would say the house to the left and to the right would suffice). The RA2 system scans the airwaves for nearby devices, principally aux repeeaters and Sivoia Qs shades, without the need to press and hold the device button.

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