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Thread: Lost HW Illumination Password

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    Lost HW Illumination Password

    I am hoping someone can help me work around the HWI password. My client purchased a fairly large home that has an old HW Illumination system installed but the previous owners did not leave any information about who/when the system was installed. Although the system still works my client would like to customize some of the scene functions on the keypads to meet their current needs. Does any one know of a workaround to the password that is in the system. I've tried jetski, lutron and PAI-CA53 without any success. Is there a way to modify/delete the password through telnet?

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    You will need to connect via RS232. Once you are physically connected you can change the password.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    Thanks for the quick reply Randy.... However, accessing the processor through the RS232 still requires a password doesn't it? Or, is there a command prompt that will allow me to change the password already embedded in the program?

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    It's been a while but I don't believe so. Once you connect by RS232 you can change the password in the terminal screen by clicking the padlock icon or from the menus. I guess the theory is that if you are physically connected you can't be a hacker??

    You will want to change the password before you extract. When you create a temp file, make sure the processors match exactly what is in the system. Save the file before you attempt to extract. I don't know why but it makes a difference.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    I'll give that a shot. Thanks again for your assistance on this project.

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    Hello again Randy..... I followed your instruction to a tee and was able to access the processor. I updated the password with a new one .... saved the file.... and performed the extraction. The extraction pop up prompt cycled through the related processes and I then saved the extracted file under a new name.... However, that file has 0 bytes of information in it. I'm confused because the screen prompt indicated (and acted) as if everything was moving along smoothly. I was surprised to discover the file contained no data. Any idea what may be going on with this?

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    Hello richardlindsey,
    Thank you for your post. If the extracted file is not at least 1 mb, then the file is not recoverable. Unfortunately the extracted file is corrupted. Yo0u will need to reply on a back up copy if you have one.

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