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Thread: lutron connect DIN rail solutions

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    lutron connect DIN rail solutions

    Hi Forum-
    anyone have an industrial solution to installing a Lutron Connect?
    We do a lot of QS so I'm looking for something more ballistic than setting it on top of a Processor panel and hunting for a outlet nearby for the USB power supply.

    Hi Lutron-
    why not start supplying something like this for QS panels?

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    Hello digit1,
    I have submitted your feedback to the appropriate team for review.

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    The cheap and dirty way is to buy an extension cord, cut the plug off, and wire it into the terminal block at the bottom of the panels, then plug the wall wart into the extension cord. Mount the Connect Bridge with velcro just outside the panel so the homeowner can get the the button.

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    Um...Why not PoE??? Why can't Lutron make that an option on the device?
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