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Thread: Basement Lights "ON" Scene tripping circuit breaker

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    Basement Lights "ON" Scene tripping circuit breaker

    I just replaced my older Lutron Dimmers with new Caseta Dimmers. I have a three gang junction box. First Dimmer controls 4 overhead 45W incandescent bulbs. Second Dimmer controls 4 overhead 45W incandescent bulbs. Third Dimmer controls 2 60W wall lamps. Total incandescent wattage of less than 500 watts. All of the switches are working perfectly independently. If I create a scene to turn on the 8 overhead lights (first two dimmers), everything seems to work perfectly too. However when I add in the last two wall lamps, the "ON" scene for the group trips my circuit break. I've never had any issues with these lights before switching over to the Caseta Dimmers but then again, I've never been able to turn all of the lights in one single burst. Any suggestions on how to trouble shoot this? Is there anyway to set a delay in the scene so that all dimmers are activated simultaneously?


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    You may have more than one breaker supplying power to that box. It sounds like you crossed some wires when you replaced the switches. When you turn the 3rd switch on you are creating a short between the two circuits.

    You can adjust the fade on times but that isn't going to help your problem.
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