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Thread: Caseta P-PKG1W - PAR30 Bulb woes - anyone try GE bulbs?

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    Caseta P-PKG1W - PAR30 Bulb woes - anyone try GE bulbs?

    Hi all,
    Just installed the Caseta P-PKG1W with PICO switches in various areas in our house and I'm really liking them in most areas. The kitchen overhead lights are another issue... Right now, I have Hyperikon Par30 LED's purchased off Amazon. There are two sections in my kitchen that are using these can lights, one section that has 2 par30 bulbs and another which has 9 Par30 bulbs. The area that has 2 bulbs dims great and works fine. The area that has 9 has problems... when all 9 bulbs are in, they will flash before turning on. Also the dimming range seems to be very limited. I do see that these bulbs are not on the compatibility list that Lutron has put out so perhaps these are not compatible.
    I was just at Lowes and they carry a lot of the GE branded bulbs, but I don't see any GE Par30's on the compatibility list. I searched through the forums and didn't see anyone who commented on whether these bulbs and switch play nice with each other. So before I go and remove all these lights and replace them, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if they've had any luck with GE bulbs.
    This whole issue with compatibility is really a pain and I don't understand why bulbs have to be paired with specific switches. Seems like this is a beta/vhs issue that should have been worked out with agreed upon standards....

    Anyways, hoping someone could chime in with their experience with GE bulbs or other PAR30's that they have had luck with.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I have the GE BR30 bulbs on the Caseta switches, they work well, not the deepest dim at the low end, but work well. The only problems I had were in lower load situations, sometimes the light would not go all the way off, this was solved with the LUT-MCL. I prefer the Relax HD bulbs from Lowes in most places in my house, but the Reveal HD in my kitchen.


    PS .. I work for GE Lighting, so take my opinion to be a little biased, but my whole house is GE bulbs with Caseta and they work well :)

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