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Thread: Fan motor control speed change is wrong, UP is Slow - DOWN is fast.

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    Question Fan motor control speed change is wrong, UP is Slow - DOWN is fast.

    When I raise the speed controller, fan slows. When I lower the speed controller, fan speeds up. Wiring is correct at wall. Is this a capacitor problem in the ceiling fan itself?

    Skylark Fan Control

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    I hate to ask but... is the Skylark right side up?

    Also is there a black box/remote receiver in the fan. The Skylark will not work with it.
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    Hello JBinWV,

    Thank you for your post!

    randyc is accurate here, some of our Skylark fan controls only have the slide, if upside down it will control opposite. If you remove the faceplate you should see an up arrow, if this arrow is pointing down then that is the root cause.

    Another possibility is that the fan must be on high end for our control to function properly, try pulling on the pull chains to see if it resolves the issue.

    A final possibility is if the fan comes with a remote control then our control should not be used in conjunction with the remote. Remotes communicate to a canopy module in the fan that controls the speed, using a fan speed controller before the canopy module can stress the module and confuse it (hence the wrong speeds).

    Let us know if any of these possibilities help to alleviate your issue!

    Julia K.

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