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Thread: 3 way vacancy sensor canít change settings

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    3 way vacancy sensor canít change settings

    I have a 3 way vacancy sensor installed (MS-VPS5MH-WH). Itís works perfectly in test mode, but once it exits test mode it doesnít react to motion. The button and companion switch work to switch the lights on or off but not motion detection. It auto switches off after programmed time.

    I assume itís in manual-on and auto-off mode, but I canít seem to change the sensing mode. I am holding down the smal button on the left side but nothing happens. I am able to change the delay by holding down the main button with no issues. Itís almost like the little button doesnít work, but this is the second one Iíve had (on same circuit as I returned the other one) that has the same issue.

    Any ideas? Am I not entering sensor settings mode correctly? Do you not do that by holding down the small button?

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    OK, figured this out, I'm a dummy, this is a Vacancy Sensor, which doesn't auto-on, it only auto-offs ... for auto on I need an Occupancy sensor ... slight language nuance there, **** confusing.

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