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Thread: RadioRA 2 Dimmer for Feit

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    Question RadioRA 2 Dimmer for Feit

    There's been much discusson on this board and others regarding the RRD-6CL, RRD-6NA, and RRD-10ND. I have a very specific question I'm hoping someone has ran across while installing or in replacing bulbs.

    My house is currently full of the Feit Retrokits - LEDR56/927/MP/6. Neither Felt or Lutron has tested. I was originally planning on going with the RRD-6CL but after reading through the forums I'm a little gun shy. Most the posts I found on the forums are a couple years old. I was hoping since the 6CL has been out for a while folks would have could guide me in the right direction based upon experience with the products.

    I don't mind spending the extra money if the 6NA or 10ND promise to give me less headaches in the future. I currently have 36 x RRD-6CL specified, so it will be an expensive mistake should they not work.

    I appreciate any guidance or feedback.


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    Hey dad
    We only use 6NA's when it's ELV or we don't know what the final fixture will be. By fixture I mean a chandelier or sconces or some type of load where bulbs can be changed without our input before hand. On new house it's seams that the lighting specifiers like to change from incandescent to LED without telling us.
    We now use the 6ND,10ND or the WPM. Most are 6ND.
    WPM are great for retrofits as long as there is at least 2 6" on the load or 3 4" or Mag low volt.
    Don't use WPM for much else.
    We had a job about 2 years ago that we used 6" Fiet everywhere. The Kitchen and Great room started having a flicker strobe issue. Can't remember which. It's been a few years. Two different switch legs. Checked all cans, retrofits found nothing wrong. Kitchen was on a Hybrid (We don't use HYB anymore). Rewired kitchen with a 6NA and both problems gone. Same type used through out the house. No problems any where else.
    Another house with all Fiet. No Ra2 just standard Deva dimmers. Had random ghosting. At night you could see a faint glow in the LED. Couldn't see it in the daytime unless in a dark closet. Replaced with TCP. Problem gone. The Fiet we removed all had the same model number but a closer look showed they had different drivers.

    My long winded way of saying good luck. I would install a 6CL, 6ND and see how they work. No need to program them.

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    Trying to delete a double post. Sometimes this forum seam a little screwy the way it posts.

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    Try a 6ND. It is the same price as the 6CL. It requires a neutral connection but things go much smoother with a neutral.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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