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Thread: Unable to create scenes on Connect

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    Unable to create scenes on Connect

    I have an RA2 with the connect bridge. Controlling lights from the app and alexa work well. When I try to create a scene, however, I have problems. The tab starts by showing add/remove scenes (there are no scenes yet). When I click on Add/Remove it doesn't take me to a page where I can create a scene name/icon. Instead it lists all of the rooms that I have with an (i) next to them. If i click on anything it gives a message saying "No compatible scenes available in this area"

    Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

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    It's looking for scenes on keypads. If you don't have keypads, then you can not have a scene saved. Shortsighted, since this feature works in Caseta and RA2 Select.

    Contact the original programmer, he can have a Homeowner Keypad programmed into the sytem (doesn't exist in real space) and you'll be able to add the scenes and modify from the app.
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