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Thread: Areas/Rooms Across Dual Main Repeater Setup?

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    Areas/Rooms Across Dual Main Repeater Setup?

    Good morning, I am working on programming a system that contains two main repeaters. Based on the layout of the home and the location of the main repeaters and how the devices had to be assigned some devices for areas/rooms are crossed. Meaning that certain lighting loads for the Foyer are on MAIN-REP-1 and others are on MAIN-REP-2. This creates a problem since all areas/rooms must be unique names. The same goes for Outside loads.

    What is the best practice for these situations that allows it to remain easy for the client to understand from within the App? Having an Outside 1 and an Outside 2 does not seem so user friendly.

    I appreciate any suggestions you may have.

    Thank you

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    I do "Exterior West" and "Exterior East" or "Great Room North" and "Great Room South" for similar situations.

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    That is a good idea thank you. I have a few locations within the residence that will be odd to do that way such as the foyer (ie Foyer Front and Foyer Rear) but it at least offers a good work around. I wish the system allowed for cross referencing of the devices as it would make it more fluid for the client side.

    Thank you for your reply.

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    I usually add another Aux Repeater (yes, a little expensive) to be able to cover the other areas. So even though Main 1 is too far from Area 2, it will now be able to reach it with the extra Aux.

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    What Imshea said is a good work around.
    I try to get both mains in a central location and see if I can get respective mains and aux to reach. Had a house with living room keypads on one repeater and hidden Living loads in another. Put mains in a central area and was able to make it cleaner.
    Another house we learned the hard way.
    Multiple redundant areas
    Landscape 1
    Landscape 2
    Great Room 1
    Great Room 2
    Been a complaint of mine for awhile since 7.6
    Posted about it before but may be on the old Resi site.

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    Thank you Everyone for your replies. Yesterday after realizing the redundancy only worked for some of the areas but created a complication for others I did a sort of hybrid compromise using what you have all suggested. The residence was initially being setup for panel based system when we were brought in to take over. That being the case we had several locations within the home that now were going to contain hidden devices. After some testing I found better placement for the MainReps which allowed a bit of overlap and without the need to add Aux Repeaters. Their is one closet that contains the majority of the switches for the residence is in the middle of that overlap. So it made it confusing and a little time consuming for me but I ended mixing those devices between the two MainReps. So some of the two gang boxes have one device which is associated with MainRep 1 and the other device is associated with MainRep 2. This allowed me to keep the redundancy to a minimum and mostly for exterior loads while keeping the interior spaces more organized.

    For the boxes with the dual associations, I ended up creating duplicate setups in the design within Inclusive. So on MainRep 1, I have a room called Mech.Closet-MainRep 1 and on Main Rep 2, I have a room called Mech.Closet-MainRep 2. Within each of these rooms I duplicated the box/device setups. Being the closet has 15+ two gang boxes I labeled them from top to bottom, left to right as Box 1, Box 2, Box 3, etc...

    For each respective MainRep I placed the approproiate device that would be associated with it into that room. I then used an Accessory Place Holder #NONE (First Device in Accessories) as a place holder for the Device that would be on the other MainRep. I named that place holder as MainRep 1 or 2 depending on which MainReps Room I was in followed by the Load Name.

    I realize that this was extra work that is really not needed but figured putting the time in now would allow me easier service down the road by allowing me to easily see what all the deiv es are within that room regadless of which MainRep room I am in and therefore not require me to constantly click back and forth between the rooms on the two MainReps.

    In the attached picture, Box 11 that is within Mech.Closet-MainRep 1, the first device is the Deck Gas Lamps and it is associated with MainRep 1. The second device is just a place holder for the Landing Sconce which is associated with MainRep 2. I then repeated the same setup within MainRep 2.

    Again I realize it is a bit of extra setup work to lay it out as I did. Just helps keep it straight for me. I know this was a bit long winded of a response but I appreciate all your help and figured my setup may help someone else too.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    FYI, I have been using the "Dummy" placeholders for years when you have a multi gang that controls more than 1 room. For Example Dining room and Living Room. In the DR i may have (1)DR Chandelier, (2)DR Spots, (3) LR Spots Placeholder, (4) LR Sconces Placeholder. In the LR I have (1)DR Chandelier Placeholder, (2)DR Spots Placeholder, (3) LR Spots (4) LR Sconces. This takes a little more time but this way when I "look" at a room, I am able to see all of the switches and tell the customer to go to the 3rd switch from the left.

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