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Thread: Wall plate won't fit Grafik T keypad?

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    Wall plate won't fit Grafik T keypad?

    I've got a box with 4 Grafik T dimmers, and the wall plate works great.

    I've got a second box with 1 Grafik T keypad and 1 Grafik T dimmer, and the keypad has a clear piece of plastic sticking out at the bottom to the left of the disconnect tab... and the wall plate doesn't fit over it.

    Am I supposed to remove that tab, or cut away part of the faceplate, or...?

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    Do not remove it. That is the dynamic backlighting management sensor. There was an earlier thread about this but I don't think it was resolved. You should contact tech support for the solution.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    Resurrecting this old thread because it's not answered yet and I ran into this and it might help others:The Grafik T keypads (both hybrid and normal) have an extra piece of clear plastic sticking out of the bottom, which the normal dimmers don't have, which is the DBM sensor, and the normal wall plate does not fit because of this.You do need the -E suffixed wall plate to fit over the DBM sensor. Yes the -E means engraved, and what that means in this case is that there's no un-engraved unit you can use as a placeholder, which is what I think we all do with RadioRa2 keypads when first installing them, you start with a blank keypad and put temporary labels on it and then when the button programming is finalized you order the engraved replacement. In the Grafik T case (confirmed with Lutron customer service) the wall plate always has to be engraved, the non-engraved one blocks the backlight, and when ordering engraving, instead of getting a replacement button kit for the keypad which you use with any wall plate, you get a replacement wall plate with the engraving letting the light shine through. You can either wait till you know what the button labels should be and order the engraved one straight off, or you can get a dummy engraved one with labels like "1/2/3/4" for each button and use it as the temporary one while dialing in the configuration.Summary, the Grafik T keypads always need an engraved wall plate. It's not just that the DBM sensor blocks it from physically fitting, it's also that the un-engraved wall plates cover the backlight so there's nowhere to put button labels, which is obvious to me only in retrospect.There's also a note at that says "Please note: Grafik T keypads are not available in Architectural Metals" which is probably for the same reason.I ended up modifying the dimmer faceplate (the non-E model) with a hacksaw to get it to fit physically so I can use it on a temporary basis, but will be ordering the engraved replacement for the final version.My case was a 1-gang box but I think all of the above goes regardless of number of devices, that is, if you have 2 keypads you'd need the right -E wall plate for that, and if you had a wall box with both a dimmer and a keypad you'd need the right -E wall plate for that (if you had the 2-gang non-E wall plate for dimmers, it wouldn't fit over the DBM sensor plus it would block the light for the button engraving, and you'd need the right -E 2-gang wall plate with the right engraving for 1 dimmer and 1 keypad). Because of the way the engraved labels work for Grafik T we can no longer swap wall plates between dimmers and keypads.

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