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Thread: Link wall dimmer to plug dimmer

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJF4ME View Post
    Exactly. You're also adding an extra "wall wart" when it's not necessary.
    My kitchen recessed lights are on a switch, I want to add under cabinet lights. I can easily add an outlet hidden in a cabinet to power those lights and then use the Caseta lamp module to control them. I'd like them all to come on at once, with the same switch we always use to turn on the kitchen lights, so it makes the most sense to use the same switch. Plus there's already a 4 switches there, i'd rather not make it 5 switches.
    Also if your pushing close to 50 devices, this doesn't help..I added lights above my was easier to add an outlet above each cabinet(5 total) to plug in rope lighting..
    Shoot, a dimmer plus 5 lamp modules is a 6 device count for one set of lights..ugh!

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    There is a solution to this challenge using HomeKit apps.

    If you download the "Eve" app (search on "HomeKit" in the app store and it will be one of the ones listed), you can program "Rules" (a.k.a., triggers) by clicking on the "Scenes" button. Using these rules, you can have the "value" (e.g., brightness level) of one device act as a trigger to set a particular scene. So, if you build a rule that is triggered by various values of the wall switch, you can have those triggers then activate a scene that would set the light level of the plug-in dimmer to whatever value you want. One note on this... setting triggers for the 0 and 100 brightness values would be the easiest — intermediate values are tough because hitting the up/down arrows on the dimmer do not increment the brightness in precise/regular values.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin P. View Post

    Unfortunately in Caseta Wireless you cannot program a dimmer to turn off another dimmer. You will need to assign a Pico remote to control both dimmers or create a scene using the Lutron App.

    An option is to mount a Pico Remote on the wall next to dimmer and then place a two gang wall plate around both devices. Then you can program the Pico to control both dimmers.

    I have passed this feature feedback along to the Caseta Wireless development team.
    I want this feature too. It could be so easy to implement. Just give the wall outlets control options like the remotes

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    You can do this with HomeKit automations if you have a 2nd gen bridge and an Apple TV.

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    You can do this easily if you have Smartthings as well. Using the SmartApp "Smart Lighting" you can trigger any lamp module from any smart switch.

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