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Thread: Correct RA2 LED Dimmer minimum wattage

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    Correct RA2 LED Dimmer minimum wattage

    Purchased a home with Insteon system for landscape lights and RA2 Graphic Eyes for interior. I am replacing the Insteon with RA2. Exterior lights consists or five 6.5 watt dimmable LEDs, four 10 watt dimmable LEDs. I have four Insteon 2486D wall box controllers and two 2477S switches.

    My electrician says I need a RA2 dimmer for each location. What is the best RRD dimmer to install?

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    Not knowing brand and more specs the best safe bet is the 6NA. Can go forward or reverse phase.
    6NA is what I have my guys use if we don't know specifics on the fixtures.
    6ND is the next choice.

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