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Thread: Intermittent keypad failure on all keypads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DesignElements View Post
    Turns out the client replaced his router - there has not been a problem since.
    I can't exaggerate how valuable I would find a white paper describing to IT specialists how networking infrastructure problems can cause failures on the Lutron HWQS system, if this is what this thread is indicating.
    White papers describing how to create VLANs are great but what I'm looking for is the rationale- 'hwqs systems do X-Y-Z and therefore can't share the same VLAN as networks that have A-B-C'. The IT guys I'm working with think I'm a nutjob for asking for a VLAN just 3 QS processors. Is page 26 in the QS networking guide all we've got right now?
    I'm assuming that this project has only one P6 processor- is that true?
    What could be so wrong with the client's router that QS keypads would intermittently stop working in a one-processor system?

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    Yep - One P6.
    Tech support had told me that the processor's buffers were filling up from traffic (!?!) which was causing problem. The buffers would clear and the system would return to normal until they were flooded again (which seemed to take very little time).

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