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Thread: 0-10V TVM2 Problems? Need Help & Idea's

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    0-10V TVM2 Problems? Need Help & Idea's

    Hey Lutron Support Community,

    I have a HWQS job that has a ton of LED 0-10V that are on GRX-TVM2's. It is only the 0-10v fixtures that are making me pull out my hair. I've been having problems with downlights delay's & fades, "Full On" levels, and some fixtures randomly ramping up and down and curious if it could be the 0-10V wiring?

    First, some 0-10V downlights that are looped together, on a single load are turning on in a series of randomness when triggered. It almost looks similar to if it was an EcoSystem and each downlight that is controlled individually, had a different fade and delay time. It's like popcorn, one light will turn on within 1 second, another one 3-4 seconds, each completely randomly however sometimes a handful of fixtures are harmonious. These are identical fixtures too. Once on, they work and dim fine, at least for LED's. When triggering them off, they fade out perfectly in sync with no problems at all. I set the low and high ends to still no avail.

    Second, another 0-10v load seems to be dimmed to 50% when fully on. I know when the bridge clip is in, it's down to 50% since the TVM2 is bypassed, however this is when NOT bypassing the TVM2's. The polarity of the 0-10V to TVM2 is correct at least at the panel however it could be reversed at the fixture. But wouldn't it not turn on at all unless power to the TVM2's were shut off if this was the case? Just curious why this load appears dimmed when it is set to 100%.

    Third, I have another 0-10v linear light that likes to act like it's Cycle Dimming completely on its own. It looks similar to how some loads will ramp up and down when doing an upload. At one point its on 100% then it's down to 50%, then back to 100% in a matter of less than 30 seconds or sometimes longer.

    I won't be back to the job until the network is set up in about 2 weeks so hopefully we can get some idea's flowing here.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


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    I have a 10v project coming up. Please keep us updated on the situation.

    There is a link between module 1, output 1 and TVM 1. I would check to make sure low voltage wires match up with the line voltage wires.

    I hate to say it but it does sound like polarity could be an issue.
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    Hello Matt@ADG,
    Thank you for your post.
    Here is a link to our app note on 0-10v dimming. Use this to determine if the fixtures you are dimming are compatible.

    If you would like to escalate the issue through Lutron, please provide the following.

    First verify that the fixtures are wired correctly.
    If the fixtures are all wired correctly then gather the following and send to

    Make, model and quantity of the fixtures on each TVM output.
    Total current draw on the line voltage and low voltage side for each output.
    The specification sheet for each 0-10v fixture being used.
    Specification sheet on the wire being used. The wiring topology and length of each wiring run from each TVM output.

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