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Thread: Easy Way to find a Switch that got moved by mistake?

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    Easy Way to find a Switch that got moved by mistake?

    So to keep from having to pull switches out of the wall, I need to try and find a switch. Pretty good sized job with almost 90 Loads and another 30 dimmers, my electrician on the project moved a couple around not realizing I had programmed them into the system already. If i use the home app, and activate that switch will it tell me what load it thinks it is running? I tired the FLASH teqnique but never found it. When I tried to program it, it was already learned in somewhere and I dont know where it came from or what replaced it.

    THis is my first ra2 system in a few years and I have forgot most of what i once almost knew, so please forgive my ignorance.

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    Run the system on wifi and use the app. Easiest way is to wait until dark, turn off all the lights, then use the app one dimmer/switch at a time until you find the mis-labelled or moved device.
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