I have installed somewhere near 35 Caseta devices in our home. These are a combination of the PRO switches, PRO dimmers and a few non-PRO dimmers. I've had virtually no problems with any of them, except one.

With the troublesome (non-PRO) dimmer, model PD-6WCL-WH-C, the lights will flash for a fraction of a second at full intensity before turning on. I swapped the dimmer with another thinking it may have been faulty (the original was quite old and acted differently than all my new ones). The new dimmer acted the same. I've read about this problem elsewhere on the forum, but have not been able to locate a solution that worked for everyone. I did try adjusting the lower limit (as suggested in another thread), but that wasn't effective. The first bulbs I tried were the HomeDepot house brand and are listed as dimmable. I figured the bulbs may be the problem so I purchased Philips model #9290013171 (also dimmable). These were no different.

Finally, I tried installing a Lutron LUT-MLC load device across one of the two fixtures. The lights now turn on/off as expected. I was even able to reduce low end limit to almost off. Can anyone tell me if there is a problem using the load device in a dimmer controlled circuit?