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Thread: HomeWorks and Lutron Home+ app

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    HomeWorks and Lutron Home+ app


    I have pretty old system .
    It is HomeWorks (not QS) . I programm it and trying to connect with Home+ app on iphone .

    app discover system very fast but im not able to connect .

    I tried to put login and password for programming so default : LutroGUI and jetski (info that this is programming login account or something like this ) .
    I also add login and password in setting for ethernet telnet connection and for web connection, to make it easier i put lutron and lutron as a password and login .

    but still im not able to connect

    Is it possible to use this app with this system ? usually im working with HWQS so i used Home+ app before .

    Thank you for any help

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    HomeControl+ does support HomeWorks Illumination.
    On link 9:
    Enable dimmer levels, keypad buttons and keypad LEDs.
    Disable GE scenes, timed events.
    Do not suppress anything.
    Under control station programming:
    Select the device tab (under the image of the keypad).
    Enter the desired name under "Web & mobile device name"
    Change "Web & mobile device enabled" to true.
    On the Panel Assignment screen
    Select the processor and make sure "Webserver enabled" is true.
    Telnet port 23 is fairly common. I always move mine to 5023. I believe there is a limit of 40 devices. No editing buttons or timed events. Basically just a big keypad.
    LED, Incorporated
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    Is this app still going to be available and supported? I thought it was being pulled as of this past September but I recently downloaded it. I have a system that was using AMX for an interface but Iím pulling it for varisous reasons and the client isnít likely going to want to pay to upgrade to QS in order to use the connect app but if the LH+ app isnít available they might.
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    Officially unavailable and unsupported. Clearly still available in the App Store. When it will disappear is anyone's guess. I suspect Tech Support will still answer questions, but again, for how long?
    LED, Incorporated
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    Thank you Randy and Vining,

    The app will be still available to download until September 15th 2019. Which then it will be removed.

    New account creation fro remote access via the app was turned on September 15th 2018.

    Hope this helps!

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