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Thread: Initial test after install failed

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    Initial test after install failed

    Greetings, I just install a single PD-5WS-DV wall switch to replace an existing dumb switch. Right now I do not have the wireless hub installed, but was just hoping to test the new switch as a physical switch only. I have not replaced the fixtures on the circuit so there are no loads. After installation I do not have any control of power to the circuit. Does the switch function as a physical switch without having a load? Does it need the hub just to function as a dumb switch? If I remove the switch and hardwire the same lead to power I have power to the circuit. This is the first of several switches I was planning on replacing. So far, I am disappointed. Any suggestions or answers to my questions?

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    The PD-5WS-DV is a non-neutral switch, and requires a load to complete the circuit. Once you get a fixture attached, you should see the switch function properly.
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    It turns out the first switch I pulled out was bad. I replaced it with another one and Lutron has replaced the one that failed to initialize. I have added several new devices and everything is working well.

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