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Thread: Grafix RA-GRX-6 issue

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    Grafix RA-GRX-6 issue

    I have a RA-GRX-6 that controls three types of lights in a home theater. It has worked flawlesly for the 13 years I have ben in the house. oday I went down to turn on the lights and I am getting a bad strobing/flickering when i turn the lighst on and when i raise them up and own. Also a slight flicker when they are at max.

    Is it toast or can it be saved?

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    Has anything changed in the system? Different bulbs? New LEDs?

    Grafik Eyes only do forward phase dimming. It will be a challenge to find compatible LEDs for units from that ERA.

    You could try and turn 1 zone at at time on and see if it is a single zone.
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