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Thread: OVrC Support in Select, but Not Regular RR2

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    OVrC Support in Select, but Not Regular RR2

    Hi, I know that OVrC is enabled through SnapAV's dedicated version of the RR2 Select Main Repeater, but I wondered if you can still use OVrC if you have RR2 in some way. Thanks!

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    Hi schalliol, only the Radio Ra2 Select Main Repeaters sold through SnapAV will be compatible with OVrC.

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    Got it. Thanks. This is worth thinking about if you want to upgrade someone to full RR2 later. Any chance RR2 might get that treatment?

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    I'm just bumping this. OvrC is helpful, and it's frustrating that for clients that are going to have a higher-end solution that we can't leverage these capabilities.

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    OVrC Support in Select but Not Regular RR2

    Since you say youre getting output on your sound card: did you select Use VLC as the sound card?

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