Hello, total newbie here that would appreciate any help you can provide.

I'm installing ~75 3" 21-watt downlights from Creative Systems Lighting (CSL), model EDL-ADJ-27-5 throughout my new house but my electrician is not familiar with smart lighting, so I'm considering a DIY install of a RA2 Select system to control them and need to specify the dimmers/switches for him.

I looked at the Lutron compatibility sheets and they only list the older CSL models so I am concerned about compatibility, e.g., dimming and buzzing.

The CSL spec sheet for the downlight that I'm using has an option for two different LED drivers:
a. 21W / ERP, Universal Dim, Triac/ELV/0-10V 10% 120-277V
b. 21W / Remote Lutron Hi-lumeŽ 2-Wire 1% 120V

I had a few questions:

1. Do I need to choose the Lutron Hi-lume driver (version b) even though it costs more, to insure compatibility? I have no idea what the differences are.
2. Which basic dimmer would you suggest, the Maestro MRF2-6CL, RRD-6ND, or another one? Also, what are the differences between them?
3. If I'm looking to control <50 of them, should I consider a Caseta system for lower cost? I'm mainly looking for just lighting control + perhaps my nest thermostat.
4. Should I even attempt to do this myself? I'm a techie with an advanced engineering degree, but not an electrician.

Thanks so much.