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Thread: Where to find Integration ID for Grafik Eye QS on RA2?

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    Unhappy Where to find Integration ID for Grafik Eye QS on RA2?

    Help Please...

    Normally for me to locate a device on a RA2 system I use the integration report in the Inclusive software OR telnet to the RA2 Main Repeater to see the #Device info after a button press, etc.

    But for some reason the one(1) RA2 Grafik Eye QS installed (which works perfectly as part of the RA2 system) does not show up on the Integration Report and does not show a "Device ID" when its various buttons are pressed ... You do see the Output ID of the controlled items but not the Device\Integration ID that I need.

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    Mine show up twice: Once as the main device, basically as a keypad (of type QSGRJ instead of H or W keypad) with it's own device ID with buttons and LEDs, and again as each of the dimmer zones (each has it's own device ID). I have 4 of these in my system with 3,4,or 6 zones each.

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    BTCSD- which integration report are you using? Did you get the .csv or xml file?

    Check in the integration report tab that the Graphic Eye has a check mark in the ID box. If unchecked, these won't show up for integration.
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