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Thread: 4-Way Switch install HELP!

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    4-Way Switch install HELP!

    I am trying to replace a 4 way switch configuration with a Lutron Caseta
    I followed the instructions in the Advanced Install guide

    I basically connected all of the wires together on the 4-way switch and on one of the legs
    I installed the Caseta on the end Leg
    However the lights will not turn off - they just stay on?
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Wen I installed the Caseta on the Leg none of the Led lights on the switch lit up
    Should i troubleshoot the Leg or the 4-way?

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    What that diagram is trying to show is that you must use the "travelers" to relay the switch leg (wire going up to the light) to the other end. You can also do the reverse and relay power to the switch leg end.

    If the light won't turn off, you have the switch leg connected to the power without going through the dimmer (bypassed). The dimmer LEDs will not light up if there is no load (if the dimmer is bypassed, no bulbs, etc.).

    Make sure you only use the wires that were connected to the switches. Depending on the age of your home, you may need to dig the ground wire out of the back of the box.
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    thanks for the response - I figured it out.
    I had the common and the black attached to 1 side of the switch instead of the red and black together.
    All Set!

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