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Thread: Upgrading existing "Dumb" System

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    Upgrading existing "Dumb" System

    Hey guys,

    So I have a few sets of the Maestro Dimmers (4 of them I believe, 2 are in 3 way configs with a matching companion controller - MACL-153MRHW-WHC), these are connected to a fairly large number of dimmable LED bulbs.

    I'm just wondering what is the most cost effective/easy way of upgrading to smart system? From what I've read and understand so far, the Caseta is not 3 way compatible, at least not in the way that you can still have a real switch in the 2nd location, just the little pico remote. That and the Caseta system requires a hub, which ideally, I would like to avoid. Running Google Home here if it makes a difference.

    Is there any easy upgrade from the Maestro that will continue working with the companion control? Or is my best bet really to just cap off the 2nd location, replace the Maestro's with Caseta and just be done with it? Is there a better option?

    Thanks in advance!

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    RA2 Select uses the same Maestro interface. You would need to replace the MACL-153 devices but could keep the MA-R. R2S has a 100 device limit and does not have true keypads. It requires a hub for control.
    RadioRA 2 is the next level up. You would need to replace the MACL-153 devices but could keep the MA-R. RA2 has a 200 device limit and does have true keypads. It requires a Main Repeater for control.

    Google says Lutron is a partner. Lutron says Google is a partner. Depending on the level of integration you may not need the hub/main repeater. That's going to take a some research.
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