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Thread: Save a dimmer level from keypad press

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    Save a dimmer level from keypad press

    Here's my scenario.

    The customer has a front doorbell that will trigger the foyer interior door light and chandelier to turn on when someone presses the doorbell button (nighttime only)

    After 10 minutes or so, I would like to set the Foyer lights back to their previous settings. Sometimes the foyer lights could be Off, or if they are having a party or something, the lights could be set to something else.

    This would be controlled by a phantom button press through an AMX control system.

    Question is what is the best way to accomplish this.

    I was thinking about using the rollback feature, but that sounds like roll back is designed more for Exhaust fans, or closets, etc., and would end up turning the lights off

    Example, if the customer turns on the lights from a local dimmer, would the rollback feature set it back after the default dwell time? That would be annoying.


    Is there a way to capture the current dimmer level from a keypad press inside QS, and then set it back from another button press.

    Phantom Button 1 = press - save dimmer levels, release - turn doorbell lights on
    Phantom Button 2 = press - restore saved dimmer levels

    I think I already know the answer, but thought I'd see if anybody has done this before.

    Thanks for any help

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    Why arenít you just doing this in AMX. Doorbell triggers AMX, AMX loads the current level into a variable and sets the dimmer level to what ever you choose by phantom or direct dimmer level control. After x amount of time resume previous level but I would also void that if the door was opened if AMX is also tied to the security.

    You can also void the reset if a user changes any levels in that area or room motion etc. If the security is armed in away mode, etc, etc, etc.
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    AMX would be my preferred method since the customer already has the equipment. But as much as it pains me, we are starting to decommission our older AMX systems, and I am exploring if QS can do this internally.

    I'm looking at maybe a Party button with the project timeclock setting to "disable until then end of the day".

    Teaching the customer is a bigger hurdle, so i'd like to make it automatic. Trying not to over think it...

    Thanks for any Ideas

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    Yeah I hear ya, it sucks AMX abandoned its dealers and the resi market and I donít typically consider AMX on new or upgrade projects either but sometimes you just have to. Iím doing a new Lutron project right now that Iíll have to install an NX-1200 just to be able to do things with Lutron that Lutron just canít do for itself. No other AMX gear in the house but since Iím an AMX programmer itís the simplest and best way to accomplish what I need to do. Sounds like youíre in the same boat cuz I have no idea how you could make a Lutron defined variable equal to the current dmmer level of a particular load.

    I would spec the NX-1200 and let it just exist in the background if you already know how to program AMX systems. Who knows maybe AMX will get their head out of their a$$ and come out with the few simple things needed to support resi. Namely a hand held remote and maybe a few key modules so we donít have to write everything ourselves.
    Danbury, CT

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