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Thread: AR!!! 12v Liteolier

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    AR!!! 12v Liteolier

    Anyone with experience with RA2 and AR111 12v

    Bigger issue...
    Have some old (20 years) Liteolier recessed cans. Mixture of AR111, MR16, BR/PAR, A-lamp. 4 and 6". Whole house is some version of Liteolier.
    Customer doesn't just want to change bulbs. Want's newer clean look even if it's requires drywall work.
    Trying to avoid drywall work. Time being the biggest factor.
    Looking for retrofit solutions.
    Have seen a fixture from Halo that has a junction on top that may work for the BR/PAR and A-lamp
    They really don't like the light "where you can see the wires"
    Anyone retrofit old AR111 into _______? Or any Liteolier
    Hard to tell from Liteolier web site if they have LED replacements

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    Hello MitchE,

    Thank you for your post!

    Unfortunately, at this time Lutron does not have any approved AR111s on any of our tools. We have notified our testing team. However, for now, anybody that is locked into installing these types of LEDs and would like to dim must contact the LED manufacturer to determine which dimming controls they have tested and found to be compatible.

    Thank you,

    Julia K.

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