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Thread: LED ribbon/tape lighting recommendations

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    LED ribbon/tape lighting recommendations

    I'm currently in the search for some reasonably priced LED ribbon/tape lighting 2700K-3000K for under cabinet lighting. This is a DYI kitchen project. I would like to be able to dim with RA2. Please share your experiences, what worked, what didn't.


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    Those are quite expensive. There are lots of kits on amzn with plenty of reviews. And you also find some nice aluminum channels w/ diffusers if you want.

    You will need a special (costly) dimmable transformer if you want to dim them with a standard dimmer. You may want to consider mounting a low voltage dimmer under one of the cabinets and just using a switch for on/off.

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    Environmental lights may seem to be a little on the high side when comparing their led strips/ tapes with others such as superbrightleds,

    However, they provide outstanding support and design assistance which would help a first timer avoid mistakes.

    A low voltage lighting system will require one to figure out the number of branches necessary and the load on each branch given a certain voltage (e.g. - 24v or 12v).

    This is necessary to figure out the wire gauge (you don't want to run too high a current on a thin wire which could cause a fire) and the capacity of the power supply (or supplies) which would be required to drive the entire configuration.

    The power supply will either be magnetic (MLV) or electronic low voltage (ELV). The higher power requirements typically require a MLV power supply (sometimes mistakenly called transformer).

    The LED strips are just one part of the system. To get a more comprehensive cost, you'd need to figure out the wiring and power supply requirements along with the lighting requirements (in either foot candles or lumens).

    The RRD-6NA can be used as it is an adaptive phase dimmer.

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    which effection you need , only dimmable or have some effection , for dimmable , you can use 3528 or 5050 and 2835,
    5050 2835 is much brighter , and for make some effection ,you can use WS2813 led white strip . which is addressable control

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bktay View Post
    The RRD-6NA can be used as it is an adaptive phase dimmer.
    This is usually the preferred option if you don't know if you have an electronic or magnetic dimmable driver.

    SEBCO caveat- The 6NA HATES Sebco mag drivers. It will give you the "three LEDs of death" every time. For Sebco mag drivers, only use the 10ND. Lots of headaches/experience with this combo down in San Diego.
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