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Thread: Non Responsive Load through Keypads

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    Quote Originally Posted by GLDCSTAV View Post
    The final solution to the problem was replacing the device as all other attempts failed. Once the device was replaced and activated all was fine.
    I did some tinkering with this yesterday. This was happening on two different 10ND dimmers. I reset them using the 3-3 button taps, and then went to re-activate them in the system. When attempting to reactivate, I found that my main repeater was in safe mode (indicated by the software, and then I went and physically looked at it, and it was flashing red lights).

    I pulled power to the main repeater, waited a few minutes, restored power, and everything seemed OK (it was no longer in Safe Mode). I then re-activated the problematic dimmers, and they started working again...status now shows correctly...

    I'm guessing that if the problem were with the switch communicating with the Main Repeater, it wouldn't re-activate in the system, because it wouldn't be able to communicate.

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    I've been having a similar problem, although only during certain times of the day.
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