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Thread: PowPak unaffected mode

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    PowPak unaffected mode


    I have a set-up of 4 PowPak (RMJS-16RCCO1-DV-B) on 4 diffents load in the same room. They all have there own Pico wireless switch.

    I install a occupancy/vacancy wireless sensor (LRF2-OCR2B-P).

    I programmed the 4 relays modules with the occupancy sensor and it work pretty well.

    I want the first load to come "on" when the occupancy sensor is "occupied" and the 3 others loads will come "on" with there pico switch.
    But I want all 4 loads to come "off" when the occupancy sensor is "unoccupied".

    I read in the installation guide (
    that we can programm a unaffected mode on the relay module but it did not work. (I press the toggle button and the "ADV" button in the same time for 6 sec and nothing happened)

    Is that possible with the product that I use??

    If yes, how do I programm that??

    Thanks for the help

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    I assume by "Pico wireless switch" you mean the Pico RF remote not the PD-5s switch?

    The products you have will do what you want. When you push the buttons on the relay you have to do it simultaneously. They are close together so I would use pens or small screwdrivers. They don't say how long but you will need to get to the sensor pretty quickly. You might need two people to complete the programming in time.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    the model number for the "pico Wireless switch" is PJ2-2B-GWH-L01

    I did some tests in the shop with 3 RMJS-16RCCO1-DV-B and one LRF2-OC2B-P-WH, I was not able to programmed the unaffected mode in the relays modules.

    After that I try the same thing but with one RMJS-16R-DV-B, I was able to programmed the unaffected mode in this relay module, but the "occupied" state make the relay to go "on" even if the unaffected mode was programmed.

    I call the Lutron tech support, there solution was to install a second occupancy sensor, link it to the 3 relays that I don't what to come "on" and programmed that second occupancy sensor to vacancy only....
    It will work, but I will need twice the sensors and it's more cost for me.

    Is there a better solution to my problem??

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    Hello Bert_Mtl,

    Thank you for your post!

    Based on the information you have provided we would like you to email in to to further assist you in determining the best solution.

    We look forward to seeing your email!

    Julia K.

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